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Oily Skin Needs Moisturizers Too, Who Knew?

24 Feb 14 - 04:04

Women with oily skin are often so focused on eliminating oil from their skin that they do not realize that the skin needs oil. Even skin generally classed as oily or mixed requires moisturization. In an effort to remove the oily shine from skin, a lot of women use incorrect methods that lead to excess removal of oil from skin.

Since the human body is a wonderfully adaptable mechanism, once the skin experiences loss of oil, it starts producing more oil to compensate, and the cycle continues, leading to acne, clogged pores, and similar problems.

Skin dehydration: Why it is a problem?

If your skin becomes dehydrated due to over-diligent oil removal, then there is the tendency to develop wrinkles at a younger age, or in a greater degree. That is why it is important that in your effort to remove the oily shine from your skin, you do not deprive it of necessary oil that keeps the skin glowing and smooth looking.

Preventing wrinkles

Hydroxatone AM/ PM is among the well-known anti wrinkle face creams. It increases skin hydration by over 20%, improves skin tone and radiance, and reduces uneven skin tone. Since many women experience one or all of the problems mentioned here, this is one of the effective anti wrinkle face creams that will help them improve skin texture and also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You may order this product by contacting Hydroxatone customer service to find out the benefits of this product for yourself.


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