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Beware Of The Ad That Says 100 Percent Wrinkle Removal

08 Apr 14 - 01:00

Almost every anti wrinkle face cream in the market claims to be the best. However, the cream’s best or not is largely determined by its performance. No matter how glitzy the advertisement is, how convincing the label is, and how impressive its packaging is, any cream is the best only when it works.


The world of advertising is an interesting place. It can portray things upside down, yet convince you that it is the right side. It can turn a killer into a saint and vice-versa. The same applies for beauty products.

This doesn’t mean that all ads are mere illusions. However, looking at the growing desperation among people and certain market reports, it seems that most ads of over-the-counter products exaggerate the product’s qualities while marketing them.

For example, if a cream has the power to reduce wrinkles by 80 percent, the ad will claim it to be a “magic potion” that wipes off wrinkles completely. They cash in on people’s hopes and desperation. They create an ideal world and make people believe in it.

Have you been a victim of an illusionary anti wrinkle facial cream ad?
 If yes, you need a change in your skin product collection.


Choose brands that are true to their words. They often need no aggressive marketing. Their performance speaks. One example is Hydroxatone. This is one brand that has received appreciation from all sections of society and from skin experts. Hydroxatone customer service, too, is excellent.

No, it does not claim that it can wipe off wrinkles. According to its reviews, the wrinkle formula has the power to reduce appearance of wrinkles and other aging signs to the extent that they are hardly visible.

In short, Hydroxatone’s anti wrinkle facial cream makes your skin look younger, happy, and radiant. What more do you want?


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